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392445_291140394312880_1288729658_nI still vividly remember how we started. You were my knight-in-a-shining armor, the icing on the cake, the wind beneath my wings, my confidant, my bestfriend, you were the only person I can talked to anything and under the sun ( figuratively and literally speaking) – you were everything to me then… that was exactly 6 years and 3 months ago. I thought, you were the person who is not capable of hurting me but it was through this experiences that I was able to proved to myself that the saying goes: “the person you care for the most, is the person you’ll let hurt you the most”, is true. It was the most unexpected & unwelcome pain I ever felt.

Yes, I let him hurt me the most. To the extent that I was already exhausted. To the point that I’ve done some things that was not logical anymore, took actions that are beyond of who I really am. To the point that I have nothing left to give but tears and regrets. Then I’ve realized, that was not me anymore, I don’t like doing those crazy things, I have to do something. That’s why on the time I said goodbye, I have nothing left but determination and fate to keep on moving. 996932_531062803653970_523568232_n

Moving on? I’ve tried it before. The first time you left me. The time I was not ready. You left me without hesitations, that was easy of you to just let go of all the good memories, the storms that we’ve passed together, the dreams that we started to build – just because you were mad of pity little thing. Immaturity.

But I’ve forgiven you that, you didn’t ask for it but I freely let you enter into my life again. I trusted you again by accepting to be your “business partner”. Even if friends and family were telling me that I should not, but I did, because I trust you. Because I thought that the good times we once had is greater than the pain I’ve felt on that time. Business partners aren’t bad for ex-lovers. Oh! or I thought I was! … But as usual, I was wrong again. Straight to my face, you told me, you never consider me as your business partner, I was only an employee! What a surprise! I wanted to give a 1005994_488408841252700_1559121712_ntrophy for myself, for being so generous on my time, my effort, my hardwork, to build the business of your dreams from scratch and just be compensated on an amount that can’t even afford to live a comfortable life. Actually, money is nothing for me, what hurt me the most is that you never accepted the fact that you’ve fooled me. Letting me believe that you were helping me and that I was a part of the plan. But you said it with strong conviction that I am not part of your plan, you have no plans for me. Painful. I was shattered for the second time.

I am glad that no one will count how many times we’ve tried to move on. Because for the last time, at exactly on the same date 3 years ago, I said goodbye to you. In everything about you, in every possible relationship that I have with you, on your friends, on your social media sites, on your online activities, I disconnected my life from you and I created another world for me which is very far from what I was used to have. A life that I truly deserve.


Phing 😀


I came across this recipe when I was struggling to go on diet because of my incoming vacation to Pinas. And I found it really yummy when I tried it cooking on my own. It is not only mouth-watering but very healthy too. Here is my step by step documentation on how I’ve done it:


What you need:

3 eggplants

1 egg

mozzarella & Parmesan Cheese

Soaked bread

bread crumbs

black pepper and oil for frying

Cooking procedure :

Boil the eggplant and then chop it into pieces.

IMG_1556 IMG_1557

Soak the bread with water then squeeze it to tiny pieces.

IMG_1560Afterwards, put the eggplant, wet bread, parmesan cheese, salt, black pepper in a bowl and mix very well.

IMG_1558IMG_1561IMG_1562Then, using your hands make some balls on the mix ingredients then put some mozarella cheese in the middle.

IMG_1563IMG_1564Cover the eggplant balls with bread crumbs and it is now ready for frying!

IMG_1565IMG_1569Tadaaahhhh!!! My finish product …



Eggplant meatballs

 Eggplant meatball- meat-less balls

I had some eggplants/aubergines in the fridge 2 days ago and I wanted cook them in a different way. Being a big fan of meatballs I thought why not making eggplants/aubergines meatballs but without meat. That’s when I remembered about eating aubergine meatballs in a family party. Me and my husband loved the results because all you need is just eggplant, cheese, bread crumbs and oil and enjoyed very much cooking this as I prepared the eggplants and he helped me with the cheese and frying them afterwards.

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OMG! lechon ... :-)

OMG! lechon … 🙂

Are you craving for crispy pata, dinuguan, leche flan and lechon?! Yeah, you’ve read it right, Kuya Juan have all those Filipino all time favorite food. Isn’t it amazing? Lechon baboy in the UAE! I’ve came across this idea from a massage therapist who told me that lechon is available in Kuya Juan restaurant but I never bothered to check it out because I thought it would be impossible to roast a whole pig in a Middle East country.

Crispy Pata

Crispy Pata

Not until, I was extremely on crave for lechon. I want the real lechon! the one with a crispy-crunchy-shinny skin. And it doesn’t disappointment me at all. At our first visit, we opted to try their crispy pata and dinuguan which was also “swak” in our taste. The price is definitely a winner! with unlimited rice 🙂



Buffet is available during Friday dinner and during Saturday lunch & dinner at 70AED/head. This comes with the lechon and desserts like leche flan, maja blanca & buko pandan. They also serves boodle fight on your choice.

Kuya Juan Restaurant

Kuya Juan Restaurant

Check out my pictures below for more details & ideas:






It is located at the side of Al Ain Palace  Hotel Corniche, Abu Dhabi.


Olive Garden in Al Wahda Mall

Olive Garden in Al Wahda Mall

It is located at the one of the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi – Al Wahda Mall and Olive Garden is just beside the cinema. But when you get inside the resto, surprisingly upon entering, it is so homey and it feels like you are not actually inside a mall!


It is a heartwarming Italian restaurant with varieties of Italian dishes to choose from, with unlimited soup and fresh salad when you order 1 main dish. This place is so ideal for family lunch or dinner out.


Unlimited Soup  (we tried beef & chicken soup)

Unlimited Soup
(we tried beef & chicken soup)

Unlimited fresh Salad

Unlimited fresh Salad


Chicken Alfredo

Spaghetti Meatballs

Spaghetti Meatballs



After I transferred to Abu Dhabi due to work location, I’ve been wanting to try as many restos as possible that will suits to my palate. As a food lover as I am, I have already tried from the reasonable-budget-friendly restos to the fine dining hotels around the Emirate. But for now, I want to share my buffet experiences I have had in the 5 star hotels in Abu Dhabi and how to get it in lower cost.

I am definitely sure that some of you have already heard about Groupon, Time Out booklet, Yallabanana and even an Entertainer App in your smartphones, right? Yes, that is my way to avail those buffets in a 5 star hotel at a lower but definitely worth it value. For an example, you can get a buy 1 take 1 buffet dinner coupon through Time Out booklet, in the posh and cozy resto at All Day Dining Sofitel Abu Dhabi Corniche, that’s awesome right? For more listings and options, check my list below.

In ramdom:

Corniche All Day Dining Restaurant (in Sofitel Abu Dhabi, Corniche)

All Day Dining Corniche

All Day Dining Corniche in Sofitel

Instead of  226AED each, we paid 113AED/person for an Asian theme buffet with water. We got our coupon from Time Out booklet.


La Mer (in Sofitel Abu Dhabi, Corniche)

La Mer

La Mer in Sofitel Hotel Corniche


We paid 190AED for 2 persons, for a seafood platter which was amazingly big serving, with 2 glasses of house beverages. Do you see the tiger prawns and lobsters in my plate? It was sooooo good! And I love their mash potato, it was so creamy. We got our voucher from groupon.


The Garden (in Crowne Plaza Hamdan)

The Garden Crown Plaza Hotel

The Garden Crown Plaza Hotel

For a seafood night buffet, we only paid 107AED each instead of 214AED. Lobsters and shrimps are available -unlimited! With sushi and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks to choose from as well. It was worth it and we got our coupon from Time Out.


The Californian (in Dusit Thani Dubai)

IMG_0580We got a lower value in our total billing because we used a “certain” creditcard that gives discounts in this resto.



First, gather all your ingredients. These are:

– Graham Crackers
– Condensed Milk
– All purpose nestle cream
– Yellow Mangoes
– Graham crushed crackers

NOTE: I specifically mentioned to use All purpose NESTLE cream, not because they paid me..hehe…but because it will be more viscous if combined with the condensed milk.


1. Combine the condensed milk and all purpose cream in a bowl, stir it properly until combined. Put it in the fridge to let it cold & sticky.

2. Arrange the graham crackers in the rectangular container in order to do the first layer
 3. Top it with the slices of mangoes. It will depend upon you, how many mangoes you want to put, as long as it can cover all the crackers.
 4. Then spread the combined milk and cream on top of the mangoes

5. Place another layer of graham crackers and follow step 2-4 until how many layers you prefer. Then when done, you can top it with the crushed graham crackers
And then voila! Your chilled layered Mango Float is now done. Put it in the fridge to make it a bit thicker and it is now ready to serve.

If you are in Cagayan de Oro don’t forget to drop by in Candy’s Cafe for your dessert. I have tried their Sinful chocolate cake, Sansrival and also the Chocolate truffle Cake they are all equally delicious and a must try as well.

Candy's Cafe

But you should give yourself a treat by trying Candy’s Tartufo. It is indeed SINFUL! It is an ice cream cake. A vanilla ice cream wrap with chocolate cake that is form like a ball. Can be good for 3-4 persons.

Tartufo in Candy's Cafe

Look how beautiful it is inside. So Yum!

Ice Cream Cake

Candy’s Cafe is located in Rosario Arcade, Cagayan de Oro City.

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